Monday, June 21, 2010

Ross trying his hand at making roofing tiles from locally available materials as an alternative to importing raw materials

Ross working with local women making palm nut oil.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mema wo adwe (Good evening),

It is after dinner, young Victoria is falling asleep on my side, and Abraham is diligently learning how to use the laptop through observation. I hope this finds everyone doing well. Again, everything is well here still. Work on the cassava grater continues steadily.

It was unfortunate that of all times for our tro tro to be hit, my visiting professor from the US had to be with me at the time it happened. Then we ran out of gasoline. It happens, it’s Ghana.

Here’s an article that appeared in our school newspaper about the different happenings that our school is doing in Ghana. The author emphasizes that I’m approaching this with a business approach, which is not really true, but other than that I feel that it is well written and thank the author for writing it.


Ross Ezinga

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Everyone,

Greetings from Ghana! I just wanted to send a picture of the nearly finished cassava grater that I constructed. It was completely constructed using only a chainsaw, a carpenter’s saw, a framing square, and a hammer. It grinds cassava. The actual grater with teeth is removed because we don't have the teeth on it yet. Annie, if you are reading this, yours will be smaller in length and the box on top will be a little smaller. And it will be more awesomer because I know that you want one more awesomer.

Today was a hot day. I just need to complain.

The World Cup started today (soccer). This place is crazy over here in the towns.

I am able to reply to emails now, since we have successfully set up internet on Dr. Sam’s laptop. It might take at least a week for me to reply at times though.


Ross Ezinga

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Everything has been going well here in Ghana. Then again, I probably wouldn’t tell you if it weren’t, because then you would not read the rest of the email.

Dr. Sam and I started work on the cassava grater a few days ago, which is like a rotary cheese
grater crossed with a small engine or hand crank.

My friend in another village recently called asking if we could make a cassava grater for her village. Bingo. Way ahead of you.

Got to chop up a tree with a chainsaw today. The smell of gasoline and oil reminds me of home.

I attached a picture of me dancing with some friends. At first I was showing some “American dancing” to them, then they were showing me “Ghanaian dancing”, and suddenly Dr. Sam clicked the camera.

I miss all of you guys back home! I hope to see you soon! Thanks church friends for your support and thanks everyone for thinking of me (and for actually reading these emails, it makes me feel loved or something since people actually read them)!

Regards,Ross Ezinga