Friday, June 18, 2010

Mema wo adwe (Good evening),

It is after dinner, young Victoria is falling asleep on my side, and Abraham is diligently learning how to use the laptop through observation. I hope this finds everyone doing well. Again, everything is well here still. Work on the cassava grater continues steadily.

It was unfortunate that of all times for our tro tro to be hit, my visiting professor from the US had to be with me at the time it happened. Then we ran out of gasoline. It happens, it’s Ghana.

Here’s an article that appeared in our school newspaper about the different happenings that our school is doing in Ghana. The author emphasizes that I’m approaching this with a business approach, which is not really true, but other than that I feel that it is well written and thank the author for writing it.


Ross Ezinga

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